Understanding Citizen Developer: Needs and Challenges for Company

Maksym Martynov Technical Solutions Architect at LogiqApps AS As society relies more heavily on digital solutions to meet their needs, activity in the tech space is becoming increasingly important to everyday operations. With this uptick in demand for technology applications, … Read More

Rich Text Editor (RTE) for PowerPages, part 1

Valentin Gasenko MCT | MCP | Senior Power Platform Developer5 I decided to write this article, which will consist of two parts because there’s not much information on the subject. The information available at learn.microsoft should seem to be enough, … Read More

Essential Tools for .NET Developers & Architects

If you’re looking to maximize the effectiveness of developing applications on the .NET platform, you should take a look at the various tools available to enhance your development experience. From code editors, compilers, debuggers, and profiles to Git tools, terminals, … Read More

Exploring How Power Platform Can Extend and Support Your Organization’s Growth

The Microsoft Power Platform is an environment built to help businesses automate processes, collect data insights and build rapid applications – all with the power of low-code and no-code solutions. It brings together three core capabilities: PowerApps, Power BI, and … Read More

I work as a systems analyst. What does this mean and what is my role in the IT team

Maks Ponomarov, our Senior Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant, describes the role of the systems analyst in his article.  The article will be useful for newcomers and for those who are planning to enter this field. You will learn what system analysts … Read More

Nordic Summit 2022 Stockholm

We at LogiqApps have a strong focus to expertise and continuously invest into the development and knowledge exchange. It’s exciting to be here at Nordic Summit in Stockholm, Sweden and meet Power Platform subject matter experts from all over the … Read More

We have our very first Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

Hooray! We have our very first Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in the LogiqApps team!  Dear Elizabeth Akinfiieva, on behalf of the entire LogiqApps team, we want to congratulate you on this impressive achievement! Words can’t express how proud we are! You … Read More

Maksym, we will always remember you

Our colleague Maksym Shnurenok was killed by russian soldiers in the war near Chernihiv in the first days of the war.
Maksym was positive, outgoing, and hardworking. He said, “I don’t know how you have time for daily meetings! I’m up to my ears in work.” … Read More

Field Limits in Dataverse: How many fields are too many fields?

I want to share with you the Secret de Polichinelle for Dataverse.
The other day I came across a seemingly obvious limitation, but in my personal practice, it appeared for the first time – a limitation on the number of fields created per entity. More specifically, the limitation on the number of fields that are used in the Filtered View. … Read More

What is Power Pages? Duck test. Part 1

The Microsoft Power Pages was announced in a preview on the 24th of May 2022 as a fifth product in the Microsoft Power Platform family.
It is a more advanced way of creating websites, similar to how we are using and building the Power Apps Portals. Yet, it is a separate application type (it has its own icon), built on top of Dataverse. … Read More