Less stress, more progress: how Center of Excellence helps you to get the most out of Power Platform

Because of Power Platform’s ease of use and popularity, companies are eager to get the most out of its applications. And the more they dive into its huge scope, the greater the need to keep track of it is. Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence (CoE) is the exact solution to effectively manage Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. CoE is a tracking application with multifunctional modules that primarily aims to govern the Power Platform. It functions like Dumbledore assisting Harry Potter in achieving better results.   

In this article, we will unveil the benefits of using Microsoft CoE. Let’s dive deep into what CoE can do.  

1. Boost productivity.  

CoE is the perfect supportive environment that fosters growth inside the community of your organization. Whether you’re an admin, a maker, or a user of apps and flows, this tool has got you covered. It provides the internal community with the training materials and best practices in apps development as well as the templates and onboarding set for the new makers.   

Bonus: To further enhance communication, you can share success stories, upcoming events, rules of engagement, and guidelines with your maker community using a Communication Site Template as a component in CoE.  

2. Save costs.  

With the help of CoE you can evaluate application usage, to analyze whether all the apps and licenses are necessary. This can positively impact cost savings. Moreover, with the help of CoE guidance materials developers build components and templates that can be reused across different projects. This significantly cut down time spent on development. CoE training scope empowers makers to build even better solutions.  


Using Administration Planner as a CoE component you can review time spent on the configuration and management of the apps. Thus, you can find a field for the automation of some processes.   

3. Simplify administration.  

The core component of CoE gives the admin the possibility to monitor and manage all Power Platform apps from one place. It makes all the company’s activity more visible. And with the automated builds and deployment solutions of ALM (application lifecycle management) component, you can create new projects faster and much more effectively. 


Align the new apps with your company’s brand by applying different themes.  

4. Strengthen the governance of the Power Platform.  

As an audit and compliance assistant, CoE gathers information on platform usage, thus showing unused or overused resources. Knowing this you can customize apps to meet specific needs, quickly identify missing details, and identify errors that might otherwise go unnoticed.   

5. Ensure security.  

By monitoring assigned permissions and the usage of flows and apps, you can also identify potential security risks and make the necessary improvements.   


If want to check how the potential change of Data Loss Prevention policies would affect your canvas apps or cloud flows, use another add-on – DPL Editor. It will create a list of apps impacted by the changes.  

6. Fuel innovations.  

As a part of CoE Innovation Backlog app is fertile ground for innovative ideas and profound insights. Users can share their wins and pains which can be used for the improvement of the processes in the future.    

To wrap it up, by facilitating governance, ensuring scalability, and optimizing resources, CoE can help you create custom solutions that meet unique needs while minimizing risks and maximizing returns.  

To get even more out of Center of Excellence, LogiqApps team may assist you during any stage of CoE implementation and adoption. We apply best practices and extensive knowledge in Power Platform and related technologies to help you to make decisions, and your team to use Power Platform effectively. 

Do not hesitate to contact Kateryna Skoryk and Lema Salamov 😉

Special thanks for this article to Diana Budkevych and Ömer Faruk Özefe.

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