Microsoft apps for Nonprofits

MS Dynamics 365 and Power Platform skills can be applied for Nonprofits as well as for commercial projects. Moreover, Microsoft provides discounts on licensing and supports you along the way. So, let’s go through the whole process of these technologies implementation. … Read More

Dataverse, limits by publish, are you serious?

An extremely funny story happened to me on the project.
I understand that hardly anyone will have all the stars in such a sequence, but I can’t help but tell about this case.
I have 2 environments in which development is taking place. DEV1 is in the UAE region, DEV2 is in the GBR. This is because the DEV1 team is based in the UAE and is developing there, and the DEV2 team is developing Portal solutions, the servers for which were unavailable in the UAE at the beginning of the year. … Read More

Razor View Rendering in .NET 6

Razor View Engine is a great mechanism to render view templates into HTML. How to render Razor view template into HTML string in .NET 6 and used it in different types of applications like console, Windows Services, FaaS? Check out the article about it. … Read More

Power Apps Portals: basic security setup

I would like to share an easy case of security setup in the Power Apps Portal.
When you start creating a Portal you often need to display only relevant data for each user. … Read More

Power Platform: Connection Reference

I want to share some basic concepts of Connection References in Power Platform. This might help you to quickly adapt when creating flows or applications. … Read More

PowerApps Portal: Grid Total

Working with the Power Apps Portal sometimes requires customizations that are not implemented by the standard settings. Implementing PCF control is too time-consuming, compared with relatively small JavaScript modifications on the Web Page. In this article, I am sharing an example of adding a total line to summarize sales. … Read More

Minimal API in .NET 6

As a part of the .NET 6 release, Microsoft added Minimal API support.
Minimal API is a great way for beginners to create small microservices and HTTP APIs using C# and ASP.NET Core. … Read More

Power Automate Desktop for civilian purposes

I will explain how I used Power Automate Desktop to pull specific data from web pages to an Excel spreadsheet. This data is used as part of a custom report for personal purposes. … Read More

Microsoft Partner Pledge

Microsoft Norway is delighted to give the upmost gratitude for signing the Microsoft Partner Pledge and being part of our journey to make the world a better place. … Read More

Challenge 3 solution at Norwegian LowCode Hackathon 2021

The organization needs a solution to simplify the search and categorization of pictures. Their employees take a lot of pictures while they perform their work, but sometimes the images end up in a database without any description or metadata. … Read More