What is Power Pages? Duck test. Part 1

The Microsoft Power Pages was announced in a preview on the 24th of May 2022 as a fifth product in the Microsoft Power Platform family.
It is a more advanced way of creating websites, similar to how we are using and building the Power Apps Portals. Yet, it is a separate application type (it has its own icon), built on top of Dataverse. … Read More

Power Apps Portals: basic security setup

I would like to share an easy case of security setup in the Power Apps Portal.
When you start creating a Portal you often need to display only relevant data for each user. … Read More

PowerApps Portal: Grid Total

Working with the Power Apps Portal sometimes requires customizations that are not implemented by the standard settings. Implementing PCF control is too time-consuming, compared with relatively small JavaScript modifications on the Web Page. In this article, I am sharing an example of adding a total line to summarize sales. … Read More