Maksym, we will always remember you

Our colleague Maksym Shnurenok was killed by russian soldiers in the war near Chernihiv in the first days of the war.

Maksym was positive, outgoing, and hardworking. He said, “I don’t know how you have time for daily meetings! I’m up to my ears in work.”

We remember that dialogue at a general call:

— Lema, what do I do if I get drafted? Do I have to write the client, terminate the contract? I’m going to go…

— You don’t have to do anything, we’ll tell the client.

Maksym’s mom said he couldn’t be anything other than a programmer, because his mom was a programmer and he sat at the computer with her at her work after school.

He had worked with us for four months. The customers praised him. It seemed, he could replace the whole team.

Max was a big man. A hero, а man of honour. We’re proud to have known him. He went to war so that other Ukrainians, including our employees, could live.

Rest in peace, Maksym. We will always remember you.

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