Challenge 3 solution at Norwegian LowCode Hackathon 2021

Pictures viewer was the next challenge, which we decided to take up for the LowCode Norwegian Hackathon.

The organization needs a solution to simplify the search and categorization of pictures. Their employees take a lot of pictures while they perform their work, but sometimes the images end up in a database without any description or metadata. They needed an app for internal users to be able to search and view pictures. Upon upload, the user would provide metadata about the pictures, but the categorization or grouping of pictures can be done afterward, usage of AI in this process is considered as a bonus. The app needs to handle a lot of searches and pictures display, to provide fast results in the search, and the possibility to see the pictures in full screen.

We have used Azure Blob Storage, Canvas App, Dataverse, AI Builder, Power Automate, Power BI to solve this hackaton challenge.

Are you interested, how these technologies could be utilized for this case? Check the presentation and video, which explain how organizations can benefit from using AI Builder and Power Platform and simplify the everyday routine of the workers.

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