Challenge 4 solution at Norwegian LowCode Hackathon 2021

And the next Challenge provided by Microsoft’s client for the LowCode Norwegian Hackathon was the Hierarchical data modeller.
In this organization, the data can take different forms, shapes, and sources. They needed a solution to read data from JSON/Excel/ API and display the object structure. The main goal was to create an app or component for reading JSON/Excel(CSV)/ API, model the data, and view the result in a preview. It should be possible to save the settings for later, create the structure in the Dataverse. The solution needs to handle uploads of files and connectivity to other APIs to get the data. After the update, the process can be asynchronous and the generation of Dataverse tables could be done automatically based on the settings.

Curious, how this case is solved? By PCF control, embedded into Power Platform Portal, complemented by backend logic in Dynamics 365 plugin and admin’s interface based on Model-Driven App.

You are very welcome to discover how it works in our presentation and video:

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