Challenge 1 solution at Norwegian LowCode Hackathon 2021

Office App was the first challenge of the LowCode Norwegian Hackathon to be addressed by our team. The organization needs to find a solution to organize the place, equipment warehouse, and who is in the office, to find the available seats, which equipment is in each place, and manage stock. In our seats, we normally have a screen, dock station, keyboard, and other equipment, but sometimes the equipment is damaged, and they need to get feedback from the internal user. It is also required to manage stock for home office equipment. The app has to handle parallel users during the day, preferable the app is to be used with mobile devices.

We have used PCF-control, React JS, Dataverse Web API, Dataverse, Model-Driven App, and its new in-app notifications to prepare the most advanced and suitable solution for this hackaton challenge, and that’s all within a very limited time.

Check our video and presentation to discover details of the case based on Power Platform technologies.

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